The Main Event

What’s this all about? 

Swingit24: Saturday 21st April

This year Swing24 will is partnering with Legado Initiatives – check out our blog post celebrating Swing24 2017 where we raised over $13,000 in just three short weeks for imagine1day! Read more here

Fast forward to 2018, we are swinging to protect the world’s most threatened ecosystems by empowering the people that call them home. Our work will be focused in a community on Mount Namuli in Mozambique. For more information on their work please check out their website:

Our host studio is one of Vancouver’s favourite sweaty hangouts: Movement108.

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Why swinging? 

Executed correctly the kettle bell swing burns calories, strengthens the posterior chain and core muscles,  tones and defines upper back and shoulder muscles, provides cardiovascular conditioning and burns fat….all in one single exercise.  On top of all the health benefits it’s a fun group exercise to do together!

How it all goes down!

  • Team captain’s volunteer and set about recruiting a team! The more teams, the more people involved, the more money will be raised for Legado Initiatives .
  • Each team (6-10 people) registers for one hour as part of the relay.
  • Each swinger will swing for 1 minute every 6-10 minutes (depending on how many teammates there are) – The bell must never stop swinging, as one teammate is finishing the next teammate needs their bell ready to go….or going.

Ready to sign up?

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