All new things need a little bit of explaining right?

How can I swing for 24 hours?? Fair question!

To clarify – you will NOT be swinging for 24 hours. The ask is that you come for an hour (or two) and swing with your team. The reason for a team is so that you are not swinging for an hour by yourself. The idea is that you are swinging for 60 seconds and then relay with your team through the hour. One minute on, 6 -9 mins off, cheering and rallying the group!

Now that the elephant in room has been cleared,  you are free to Sign up!

What if I’ve never swung before?

No problem – we’ve got you covered. We will have expert trainers on hand to demonstrate and support along the way. We will also have a warm up area and cool down so your body will be well taken care of. The weight of our kettle bells have a wide range from very light to extremely heavy and everything in between so you will be swinging weight that feels good!


What if I don’t have a team? 

No problem, you can still sign up as an individual and we will assign you to a team, or even better you can sign up as a CAPTAIN and build your own team. Once you’ve signed up we can give you all the tools you need to reach your community.

How many people on a team?

6-10 people (of course the more you have the less time you’ll spend swinging)

How do I sign up for a time to swing?

Once you’ve registered, you will receive an email from us, which holds a special spot for your preferred swing times. Just enter your time and send it back to us.

I have my swing time but when should I arrive? 

Your team will arrive a minimum 30 minutes prior to you scheduled swing time. There will be people on hand to warm you up and if necessary teach you how to swing.

Is there a minimum age? 

Yes! 16 is the minimum age for this event.

What do I need to bring? 

Wear your usual work out clothes and indoor shoes. We’ve got you covered for water, snacks and beer!

Get in touch if you have a question we might have missed.


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