Okay friends – here we go! We are heading to Mozambique to make a difference and are we excited!

What is Swingit24?

First and foremost SwingIt24 is an event that connects local communities, engaged glutes, heavy bells and a whole bunch of cheering to raise funds for a cause that aligns with our values of building leadership and empowering people to make sustainable change in their lives.

For exactly 24 hours combined, we will be continuously swinging kettlebells to raise funds for Legado. Hosted at movement108

Legado: Namuli – a flagship project on Mount Namuli, in northern Mozambique, who engages world-renowned scientists, local community activists and conservation leaders to secure a vibrant future for the mountain and the people who depend on it. The goal is to empower the people who call this mountain home.


Copy of Copy of P5201230 copy (1).jpg

We are going to get really sweaty, have a lot of fun and build serious community spirit on a global level by swinging kettlebells continuously, yes that means non-stop, for 24 hours! People just like you will be rounding up tribes of local swingers all in the name of making a difference in the world of conservation and community building in Mozambique.


Ready to sign up?

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