Hello swingers,

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2016 and hello 2017, we’d like to tell you about a creatribution (create + contribute) called swingit24.


Well, we are like minded and I think this goal is going to be a great way to support people in jump starting their fitness and charity goals for 2017!


On the 28th of January 2017 you (and your gym/studio) will be part of history as we are going to get really sweaty and swing kettle bells for 24 hours to raise funds to support the building of a school in Ethiopia, we’d like to you to join us.

How do I get involved!? We are looking for:


  1. You’ll need to find  6-10 people to form your relay team.
  2. Choose a team name
  3. Start fundraising, each team needs to raise $500
  4. Practice swinging together!

Join a team!

  1. You will be part of a relay team of 6-10 people.
  2. Be cool with your team name
  3. Start fundraising, each team needs to raise $500
  4. Practice swinging together!

The first goal!

We get 24 teams signed up by January 10th 2017

What’s next?

  1. Got a question? Get in touch
  2. Ready to sign up your team? Click here to create and activate your team’s fundraising page.   Once your profile is ready, you can share the donation link with your friends and family to sponsor you to your fundraising goal.
  3. We’ll send Captains an update closer to the date on the finer details and swinging rules!

What’s next for us?

We’re your biggest fan, we’ll be out gathering up sweet prizes, food and ‘hydrating’ liquids for your swinging rockstars. We’ll also be doing a lot of shout outs and so be prepared for your 5 mins of fame!

Thank you and thank you again,

The swingit24 team x


#swingit24 is born!

We are in the planning stages of #swingit24 and frankly we are just too excited to not share with you what’s going on!

Here are some updates/pro tips:

  1. The main event January 28th – get in your calendars!
  2. Follow us on instagram here: @swingit24
  3. Bookmark the blog for team intro’s and updates
  4. Start carb loading (kidding)
  5. Learn more about imagine1day and our fundraising goals