Our 2018 Partners


This year we are partnering with Legado Initiatives – Legado protects the world’s most threatened ecosystems by empowering the people that call them home. Learn more

Last year our creatribution (creatribution = creation + creativity + contribute), SWINGIT24, attracted more than 150 volunteers, participants and spectators. We are very much looking forward to this partnership and generating with even greater success at this year’s event held on April 21, 2018 Follow the facebook live feed by joining the event here 

Proper_Logo-Frame-01 (1)Proper Hair Lounge The founders of Swingit24 look good because they know a proper haircut. Our Golden Kettle Bell partner this year is Proper Hair Lounge.  Driven by the vision of owner Samuel Bligh, Proper Hair Lounge Vancouver establishes a welcoming atmosphere, vibrant and spirit lifting. Talking of lifting, you’ll find Sam and his team 6-7pm swinging Golden Bell’s! Sam’s team shares the simple yet radiant joys of providing creative hair services ideally crafted for each individual client. Active in their community and committed to sustainable practices, it’s a no brainer to partner with Swingit24 2018. #getaproperhaircut @properhairlounge


Movement108 The founders of Swingit24 have had a long standing love affair with this studio. Whether it be swinging bells, learning about nutrition and rest or setting up on the couch with a fresh java – the crew at M108 have inspired us to move, build strength and spend our free time doing whatever we can to make a difference. Deeply tied to the local community Movement knows what it means to contribute in a big way.

Movement 108 offers a full range of classes, featuring the beloved kettlebell and one to one support with experts in the field. Grab a class and follow here @movement108

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